MAPIT and TomTom (TOM2), the mapmaker and location technology specialist, announced an extension to their multiyear agreement and the geographic expansion of their partnership to cover the entire African continent.  MAPIT will continue to operate as TomTom’s preferred African distribution partner.

“We are incredibly proud of our partnership with TomTom,”  says Kamal Ramsingh, Executive Chair of MAPIT. “The African continent represents the fastest-growing region for geospatial intelligence in the world. We’re excited that this will directly support our vision to innovate spatially enriched solutions that solve real problems across the continent.”

To further support this vision, TomTom has included MAPIT in their  Map Editing Partnership (MEP) Programme, making MAPIT the first non-global partner to edit maps on behalf of its clients. The MEP programme uses strategic collaboration to update maps for users as quickly and accurately as possible, a mission in line with MAPIT’s ethos of intelligent mapping solutions. MAPIT’s involvement will advance the efforts and quality of data across Africa.

“TomTom has complete confidence in MAPIT,” said Darren Cottage, VP of Sales. “Their 19 years of expertise and insight uniquely position them to give our customers continuous access to accurate, up-to-date information and value-added location intelligence solutions.”

The South African firm recently launched its SpeedFOX product, which is Africa’s first intelligent Speed Assistance (ISA) solution. As an autonomous, multi-point speed governor, SpeedFOX is positioned as a globally relevant innovation for improving road safety, reducing carbon emissions and saving lives.

MAPIT will remain at the cutting edge of data enhancements and will have access to TomTom’s broad range of products including its traffic data and maps APIs.

MAPIT’s feelings on the start of a new era of collaboration: “As a proud TomTom partner in Africa, we look forward to extracting significant value and developing strong mobility partnerships across the continent” said Jonathan Houston. MAPIT  looks forward to advancing the African geospatial industry one map at a time.

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