Public Sector

Location intelligence the future of smarter, safer and cleaner cities

Location analytics can help Governments and Public Sector Authorities to better understand the needs of the community and how to effectively deliver the right services to the right people. Deep insights and trends can provision for future demand, effectively assisting in assembling and allocating the resources required.


Enable smart city applications with routing, geocoding, navigation and other optional datasets. We offer detailed road network information, accurate addresses and extensive speed limits coverage. The map data is ISO certified and meets the requirements of the most demanding applications from geospatial analysis to autonomous driving. The data can be accessed through a variety of formats including SHP files and APIs.


Route drivers around traffic incidents, helping to reduce time and fuel cost and increase customer satisfaction. Our traffic data offers highly granular speed and bottleneck information to help drivers arrive quicker, safer and on time to their destination. Query traffic data based on travel time, average speed and probe counts on certain segments of a road or area at a certain time of day or year


Get access to a uniquely large and rich database of travel time data to analyse and influence smarter cities. Offering speed profile data covering all roads and a detailed set of custom area information to support bottleneck analysis, traffic modelling and site location studies. Probe counts offer an overview of the relative density of cars and the distribution between location and time. With our speed data and custom travel times, you are able to analyse specific road segments or routes and compare to improve efficiency.


Visualise locations of your drivers on a map in any web or mobile application. Combine it with Online Routing, Online Search and Geocoding services for even more capabilities. If you want to locate people, track assets or vehicles, visualize location information or display routes, a map is an essential component to any web or mobile application.

Smart cities are driven by
understanding mobility.