Understanding where people go - and why

By partnering with Near, mapIT now has access to high resolution footfall data that will help transform your customer movement knowledge.

It's time to get granular

At mapIT, we’ve always prided ourselves on the understanding of the movement of people and things. Our alliance with global footfall data leader Near lets us derive data-driven insights on smart phone users (over 3 million unique Monthly active users) in South Africa at exceptionally high resolutions.  


Proximity is everything

By collecting anonymised GPS data from over 250 000 apps, Near is able to map the movements of users through transport infrastructure and business environments. Their footfall datasets – to which mapIT now has access – reveal catchment areas, consumer behaviour and people flow in never-before-seen detail.


What is footfall data?

Footfall data represents real people as data points and – using their phone’s location functionality – is able to track their movements to and from locations, and record and predict their behaviour en route, and once they reach their destination. In essence, footfall data provides deep insights into the movement of people and how they interact with the physical spaces they move through and to.


Know before they go: business benefits of footfall data

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We take privacy seriously

mapIT partners with data providers that are compliant with all global privacy regulations, including GDPR, Australia Privacy Act, CCPA & POPIA.